What are Starseeds and Lightworkers?

I must admit, I’m not particularly fond of labeling or categorizing individuals. After all, we are all hybrids in a way. As inhabitants of Earth, we carry within us a mixture of DNA from various races. Many souls who have incarnated on Earth originate from different planets and galaxies, making them hybrid souls as well. So, what’s the point of categorization?

However, I do believe that recognizing and supporting one another on our mission here on Earth is important. In that sense, it may be helpful to have some categories to facilitate connection.

So, what exactly are Starseeds?

Starseeds are souls that have origins beyond our universe. They come from different galaxies, star systems, realities, and even dimensions. There are various types of Starseeds, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions, Arcturians, Andromedans, and more, each associated with a particular star system. That’s why they are often referred to as the „children of the stars.“

Starseeds are predominantly old souls who have lived many lifetimes before, although many of them may only have fleeting memories of their past incarnations. Their missions serve two purposes: one that is collective, aiming to shift the consciousness of our planet, and one that is individual, aligned with their unique soul purpose.

While all Starseeds are lightworkers, not all lightworkers are Starseeds. These two terms, though related, are not entirely interchangeable. Starseeds can be seen as a specific type of lightworker.

There are subtle yet significant differences between Starseeds and other types of lightworkers. The following traits highlight the main distinctions:

  1. Lightworkers are closely connected to the dimensional planes of Earth.
  2. Lightworkers can possess the same gifts and spiritual abilities as Starseeds, but the origin of their wisdom is different.

In the end, what truly matters is the shared commitment to spreading love, light, and healing energy throughout the world, regardless of the specific labels we use.

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