Feeling very INSPIRED.
Love all the amazing content of the retreat, the quantum healing and the wonderful energy.
Thank you Agnes and Pauline!

Love meeting you ALL
Som much light and love


Hello every body, I am sooo glad to see so many young people interesting about our life on the earth and why we are here and and… ???? our 🌍 need urgently an awake and you are the generation to help to change. So go forward , don’t be shy, be secure on your way, trust you and what you feel in you heart. Be a lantern and every where you go you will spread de light. And the earth will finally be higher in the vibration and reach the truth love because it’s where we are going now. THE HEART ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
Wish you all a nice life and many thanks to be on this marvellous world.
With love ❤️ Nicole

A wonderful day… Thank you for the guidance, Agnes and Pauline! Thank you for your hospitality, Melissa, Mael and Timo! And thank you all for sharing, for holding space, for speaking and for listening. I feel inspired by your beauty, your vulnerability and your light. May we all enhance each other’s shining ☀️ Kristin



Edda has learned within 3 months in the coaching program to move from the head to the heart. On the path to forgiveness and freedom, she tells how her journey becomes more magical…

Dear Pauline,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for one of the many book recommendations you give us, one of which deeply touched my heart. In the past weeks, during my train journeys, I read the book „Un alchimiste raconte“ by Patrick Burensteinas and I am thrilled. Thrilled, according to „the language of birds.“

His stories and words have evoked a profound sense of peace within me, a kind of silent happiness, and a joy and relief in knowing that, according to his reality, our lives are regaining magic. The magic that we all knew as children is allowed to return. Like coming back home.

I have read other fulfilling and inspiring books before that have encouraged me and often triggered (inner) dreams, fantasies, and plans within me. However, this time, I am experiencing this inner peace in a special way. Gratitude and a quiet happiness for what is/what can be.

In his three keywords: Immobile. Silencieux. Aligné. (Gratitude) And fittingly for our group theme: Without expectations.

Thank you for being there and for allowing me to meet you.

With all my love, Edda

Sonja has transformed within 3 months in the coaching program: Forgiveness, freedom, and lightness are her new mantras!

Since October of last year, I have been a participant in the „Golden Compass“ coaching program. Many things have changed for me since then. I have become aware of my blockages and beliefs that have held me back from fully embracing and expressing my true potential.

I have learned that with the right „tools,“ I can become the creator of my life. However, this is only possible if I free myself from the baggage that hinders my personal growth. After going through the process of acceptance and forgiveness, transformation becomes possible. A feeling of freedom, self-determination, and self-acceptance! I say „thank you“ for this magical time and your loving guidance.

Marlies, as a lightworker, has experienced her energetic, emotional, and physical transformation within 3 months of the coaching program, and has gained a deeper understanding of her life mission as a lightworker.

I have just completed a wonderful intuitive coaching session with Pauline, with the goal of reconnecting fully with my intuition, addressing and transforming any remaining blockages, and gaining clarity about my calling.

Throughout this process, Pauline has supported me with various methods to see and understand my perspective from a different or higher standpoint. It has been incredibly important and helpful for me to learn to recognize conditioning, automatic programs, and old beliefs, and to simply accept them with love and without judgment, and then transform them.

I also loved the Reconnective Healing sessions and the meditations, experiencing transformation on an energetic, emotional, and physical level.

I can wholeheartedly recommend you as a coach, dear Pauline, with your wonderful, loving, and humorous nature, and above all, with your clarity, competence, and array of tools.

Eva Maria came to us through the Heal Revolution Conference. She wanted to feel better and resolve her blood pressure issues.

I have spent a lot of time dealing with my problems, focusing on nutrition, and so on… I needed help and support to be able to think positively again. In the past, I used to be filled with anger and aggression, and I often blamed others for my problems.

The program gave me liberation. I learned to forgive and accept myself. I learned to let go. And then, everything became easier.

It was so beautiful to be accompanied by you. With heartfelt gratitude, dear Pauline.

Waltraud has unlocked her blockades through the coaching program in 3 months. She has learned to view problems from a different perspective. The program has opened her eyes but also her heart. She can still feel how forgiveness has taken place: self-forgiveness as well as forgiving others.

I became aware of Pauline through the Heal Revolution Conference. I sought help because I was stuck with problems and couldn’t move forward.

We worked on all levels: conscious and unconscious, and now I have all the tools in my hands to enjoy freedom every day. The issue of „not showing up“ has transformed within me. At the same time, my life purpose became crystal clear.

The program was very healing, profound, and touching, and I wish that you continue to touch many hearts.

Dear Pauline,

I just went for it… I still had some vacation days left and I thought to myself, „I don’t feel like spending the time leading up to Christmas at home cleaning the house.“ So, I decided to take a few days off and simply go away.

I found a great opportunity in the Facebook group „Vacation in exchange for a helping hand.“ A young, nice family with two children bought an old farmhouse near the North Sea and they’re renovating it. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and I help out for a few hours, leaving the rest of the day to plan for myself.

It’s a new experience for me, but I did it. Even though my partner might have liked to come along but couldn’t get time off or maybe didn’t want to.

The young woman even found a yoga center nearby for me, as I wanted to combine the vacation with such activities – and lo and behold, it’s possible to do things differently ;-)))

A few days ago, I handed in a letter at my workplace stating that I no longer want to do night shifts. Since the other position in occupational therapy didn’t work out, I’m approaching the situation this way for now.

Sometimes I think… oh, it’s not moving forward at all, but new paths keep opening up. I just need to approach things differently.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season,



Dear Pauline,

Thank you for your love and courage to make a difference in the world. Your conference can reach so many people and is also a pathway to the future, spreading the joyful message that we, as human beings, are infinitely powerful divine beings with tremendous self-healing abilities. Through your conference, we are reminded of this once again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Perhaps our paths will connect again, and from the depths of my heart, I wish you much love.


Martina Reiner –

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the wonderful interviews and the opportunity to see everyone yesterday. I was able to see Sonja, Siranus, Dr. Coldwell, Katharina, Pauline, and Petra A. Jäggi. You are making a significant contribution to the world. All the love and best wishes, and thank you for our connection here. P.S. Raho, of course. I am deeply moved by all the wonderful people and I take so much with me for myself. It also shows me that I am on the right path. I look forward to more exciting and wonderful conversations. I enjoy listening to you so much, and the translation is beautifully clear, so distinct, and so wonderfully translated. The melody of your voice sounds so beautiful and inspiring that I could listen for hours. Yesterday, Dr. Coldwell moved me the most. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear Pauline and Christine, for the incredible contributions. You give me the courage to keep going and stay on my path. Because I want to do such wonderful work and make a contribution for the benefit of all. All my love, Pauline. „A grateful and loving heart is a magnet for miracles.“ Anna

Dear Pauline,

As an intuitive expert in holistic health and nutrition, I immediately recognized: TAKE A LOOK! With top experts in the field of healing, Pauline and Christine have managed to make new perspectives easily accessible to everyone, and what would be possible if we were to point it out. We all have deep potential within us to be what our hearts desire and also to be „safe“ – the knowledge needs to be diverse! Just like the Heal Revolution Conference. Take the time to watch the contributions – and take in what happens! Enjoy the online conference and (re)discover your potential! Thank you for reminding us of who we are and what we can do! Fantastic initiative! Best regards, Bernadette

Bernadette Bruckner –

The Heal Revolution Online Conference presents in a diverse and exciting way what healing can mean for individuals. The Rainbow Package introduces various methods, enriched with worksheets and exercises that can also be acquired.

A gift for oneself and others. Thank you very much for your great commitment. Amazing!

Isabelle Dobmann – Life Coach –