I would like to share this article written from my soul friend Richard Wenman as it seems pretty accurate to me and I couldn’t write it better…

Spiritual Perspective on Guides

If you connect with the Spirit World, be careful who you connect with!

There are more than 8 billion humans on this planet, and each has a soul or part of a soul embedded within (with some exceptions). Each human has a Guardian Angel, and at least three spirit guides. Those of you on a spiritual path and with a higher consciousness attract more guides.


Without spiritual awakening these higher aspects are not available for wisdom and guidance, you would have 3 to 5 guides plus your permanent companion Angel or Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel is the only one who can act on your behalf without you requesting help. Otherwise, you must ask for help.

If you have reached the start of Ascension with a Consciousness Level of 850 or above, you will have ten, twenty or more permanent guides, many of these are higher aspects of you, part of who you really are.
As you grow spiritually many from your Star Family as well as from your Ancestral Family, your great grandparents, or a-lost-too soon family member become available and interested in assisting you with your guidance. Your 3-5 permanent guides are likely to be family or soul family members; they are not necessarily the same. It is possible that some of your own family members give you bad advice and just because they are now on the other side, doesn’t mean their counsel is always good.

Some Ascended Humans have several hundred guides who guide ‘their’ physical human on a path for helping humanity. At times, thousands of spiritual beings can be present even for the smallest group meditation.


So let us see where are so far, 8 billion x 4 guides minimum and so let’s add 1 more billion for all the extra. Then you have the Angels, Masters, Goddesses, and all the Galactic Beings. The total is something close to 40 billion spiritual connections just there and available.


What is the point of this? Simply put, how many of the 8 billion plus humans on this planet would provide you with information you trust? You have no idea, right? Not until you get to know them. The exception here is that you may trust information from public figures, here on Facebook or elsewhere.
They may be providing information that is good for you or they may not; it may be conspiracy theories that you either latch on to or dismiss offhand as being nonsense.

Why would anything be any different in the Spirit World?

The 33 billion spiritual beings just ready to connect are in dimensions from the 4D to higher than 12D. There are many more wanting to connect in the lower dimensions. If your consciousness is high, you may take pleasure in connecting with the highest dimensional beings. If your consciousness is lower, you only have access to the lower dimensional spiritual beings. Many of these low frequency spirits take pleasure in giving their distorted views.

The big point here is just communicating with the spirit world, does not mean you are receiving valuable information. Use your discernment to validate everything.


The same applies to channeled information in which you act as the mouthpiece for others, which may be galactic races or masters, or goddesses. They may be pretending to be someone they are not.
Always ask repeatedly who they are. Once you have become familiar with a connection, their energy pattern with give you reassurance.
I have found that when I am asking questions, unless I continually specify who I wish to answer, countless other beings try to have their say. It can be very confusing unless you are sure who you are connected to.